Dr. Nezhat Belgamvala

Growing up on farm with animals, from a very young age Dr. Nezhat Belgamvala 'nee' Patrawalla knew what she wanted to accomplish. She followed her heart, completed her degree in Veterinary Science, practiced with the best Vets in both the Equine and Small animals' field and finally realized her dream in 2009.Thus the birth of... PET STEPIN'






Sai Chitnis

Bella, her golden retriever gave Sai a whole new outlook towards pet care. After working for years under the financial advisory arm of a very high profile company, conducting some serious accounting fraud investigations, Sai still felt she needed more of a challenge! Thus decided on a complete career change but even here she wanted to excel. After finishing an intensive pet grooming course, with international certification in hand and clippers in the other, Sai re-joins PETSTEPIN as our Professional Pet Stylist.






The unconditional love of Rusty and Casper, her retriever and lab made APARNA realize that she wanted to work with dogs. When she finished her designing course she was at the crossroads of life where a decision had to be made - designing or Petstepin. But after completing her trial training at PETSTEPIN, there was no looking back.







Sandhya knew that working for animals was her calling but never got the opportunity to pursue it. Always willing to help an animal or person in need over the years, she volunteered for various animal organisations. Thus when PETSTEPIN opened its doors to new members her dream was fulfilled.







Ajitesh Kumar

Filling in from time-to-time when Dr. Nezhat's not around, Dr. Ajitesh Kumar is PET STEPIN's visiting vet. With his good judgment and calm tone, he has never failed to win both the pet's and owner's confidence.








Pranjal Bonde

After completing a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and working in the industry for 5yrs, Pranjal Bonde decided that it was time to follow her passion. One summer morning when she dropped her beagle, Smurf, for boarding, she found her answer. From then on it’s been…PET STEPIN'.







Being the chirpy, strong willed person that she is, Varsha Karnik wasn't satisfied with just a major in Psychology. Always wanting to help an animal in need, she knew once her cocker spaniels, Misha and Apple came into her life, that she was addicted. Hence... PET STEPIN'.







Hailing from a small town in Bengal, Gautam Sarkar's dedication towards our four-legged friends stands second to none. His intuition, sound judgment and alertness have earned him the position on "pack-leader" by one and all at PET STEPIN'.








Don't judge her by her size, Suparna Sarkar (Gautam's wife) may come in a tiny package, but she's got big dreams. Being a foodie herself, she knows that "special ingredient" which makes the doggies gobble up their food every time. Her desire to feed everyone makes sure that all at PET STEPIN' always have their bellies full.








Humble and soft spoken, Sadhan still has a way of getting the boisterous labs to obey! Whether it is to help during a socializing, keeping the dogs entertained with belly rubs in the afternoon or making sure the cats are cleaned and well fed, he always comes forward with a helping hand to ease our typical PETSTEPIN busy days!