We at PetStepin' would like to introduce to you our professional spa and grooming segment, "Pawlished @ Petstepin" which offers your little one a totally pawsome experience!

From a good brush and scrub to relaxing massages and pawdicures, coupled with a crazy day of daycare or an overnight stay, we give your pooch a reason to look forward to getting into the bath with extra cuddles, a treat or two and smelling divine.

Our professional pet stylist and groomer will analyze your pet's coat texture, length and quality and could suggest the appropriate groom with a few tips on how to maintain a perfect luster for those lovely locks.

Paw'lished is not just about bathing and brushing but we also want your pet to have a total SPA experience, true PetStepin style!!

Our packages range from the basic

1 : Just a scrub
Complete maintenance GROOM

2 : Itch me not
Medicated groom for skin conditions / ticks and fleas + Complete groom

3 : Total make over
Trimming / Cutting / Styling of hair + Complete groom

4 : Kitty Party
Complete maintenance groom OF CATS

To fun combinations

5 : Dash and Splash
Daycare + Complete groom

6 : The After Party
Boarding / Overnight Stay + Complete Groom

7 : Birthday Bash
Extra cuddles and a bday GIFT

8 : Pawdicure
Foot soak and scrub + nail trim and buffing + dematting of hair between foot pad

9 : Rocker Chick
Pawdicure or / with a Funky haircut and Color streaks

And Relaxing spa Massages

10 : Sweet Heaven
Aromatherapy Massage + Complete Groom

11 : Sooo Relaxed
Acupressure Massage + Complete Groom

We also have exciting Discounts

12 : BFF - Best Friends Forever
15% discount for the first groom of your adopted pet on the day of adoption

13 : Bark it Forward
10% discount for your groom if you bring a friend along to indulge in our packages

So we make sure with all these fun packages your lill’ one will be spoilt for choice :)