Find me a Home

Find me a HomeHave u ever thought how tough it is for poor doggies who are left without a home at the sunset of their life! These poor girls lost their mum very suddenly and were left with us for nearly a year. Now this is their last chance to find a forever family!

COOKIE is the elder sister at 12yrs of age and being a lab she is a extremely loving and affection. She loves children and is very gentle with them!

JESSIE is the baby sister at 9yrs of age. As a Rotty she is one big teddy bear and loves cuddles. She loves to rub her head on Ur lap till u give in and give her a big hug!

Even though we will miss them like crazy we know how important it is to give them a home..we have been given time till 10th Aug to find them a family so this is their lastchance. Please open your homes and hearts for these darling. If Ur interested or know someone who is genuinely interested plz do contact us @PetStepin on 9742279644 / 9886584925

Thanks and spread the word!