Dog Boarding / Overnight Stays

BoardingWe take great pride in calling ourselves a "unique boarding facility" cause unlike the usual concept of a keeping the dogs chained or leashed all day, we do boarding with a difference. Dogs respect each other's space and are more than willing to accommodate each other, if we just allow them to!

At Pet Stepin', we gradually introduce the new comer with the rest of the group though a socializing session to make sure that the doggie is comfortable with us (the people), the other dogs and most importantly his new environment. Once the dogs understand where they stand in the peck order, then the fun begins. They have half an acre of open area to stretch their legs and during the summer they have a splash pool to cool off in.

We follow an "open system" of boarding, where no dog is chained or kenneled, unless he/she is on a time-out. You will find your little one happily playing about with the others, relaxing in the shade of the trees or even cuddled up with a friend for a nap. The kennels are used during feed time-hey, even we get cranky with an empty stomach and to sleep at nights-so that one dogs snoring doesn’t get the others worked up. At the end of their stay, we wash off their muddy mess with a complimentary bath so that they are ready to head home, spic and span!

Cat Boarding

BoardingThe cats are kept in individual kennels with their litter tray, scratch poles and toys to keep them entertained all day. We let them out for a couple of hours, to stretch their legs during the day.

We provide the litter and feed but if your cat is a bit fussy do inform us and we will take appropriate steps to make your pet's stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.









Other Pets BoardingBoarding

At Pet Stepin' we welcome any animal you call your pet. Depending on the species we have appropriate housing arrangements for your pet. Details of their diet and other special needs have to be specified while checking in.